C’s Easy and Yummy Kartoffel Salad Recipe

My first attempt to prepare something German is my blockbuster Kartoffel Salad. Actually, it was a Dutch friend who suggested that I try it and so I checked the Internet for an easy recipe and after several variations, I decided to come up with one.

Kartoffel Salad for sharing!
Kartoffel Salad for sharing!



Vinegar (just the regular one, no need for anything fancy)



Spring onion

Sugar, salt and pepper to taste


1. Put the potatoes to a boil, start with cold water so it softens throughout the vegetable.

2. Boil the eggs, make sure that the center is just a little bit runny. It’s nice to see sheen in the center right? Look at how nice they register on the photo above.

3. Fry the bacon. Save some of the oil for the dressing.

3. It’s time to prepare. Combine the vinegar and some of the oil from the fried bacon. DO NOT INCLUDE THE BACON TO THE SALAD JUST YET. If you notice, the bacon lost its appeal so my suggestion is to spare the bacon until the salad is ready to serve. You can re-fry it if needed. At least, the bacon does not lose its character.

4. Season the dressing with salt, pepper and sugar. Adjust according to your liking.

5. Mix the dressing with the potatoes.

6. Chill for at least two hours or if you prefer a hot salad then serve right away.

7. Garnish the salad with the bacon bits, spring onions and the eggs.

8. Share and enjoy!


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