Bayern Munich wins 3-0 in Greece (this is a mini rant so beware!)

I was a slave at work so I relied heavily on Instagram, Facebook and Viber (thank you Lovelle!).

What more can I say? A brace from Thomas with an excellent “mishit” (deceitful cross!) for the opening goal.

Super Bayern HEY!
Super Bayern HEY!

Champions League is not shown on Philippine cable TV because of some contract issues but I hope 2016 will be a different story.

There may be few football fans here in the Philippines but we are a solid band of supporters who deserve a hassle free experience in watching Europe’s premiere matches.

If someone from the cable TV provider and/or someone from Champions League reads this I would really appreciate it but would love that they would do something about the whole situation.

Livestreaming is not always the best option because of the poor Internet connection we have in the country (calling ISPs can you do any better than what you are doing?) and to be honest, one of the two major reasons why I selected this silver plan (and continue to pay for the services despite being broke!) is because of the Champions League.

Okay, there you go! A clean three points for the Trash Can Full of Money from the South. THE CHAMPIOOOOOOOOOONSSSS!

Photo from the official fanpage of FC Bayern Munich.


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