Bayern Munich butchers Dinamo Zagreb 5-0 at the Allianz Arena

What more can I say?

Internal screaming at work as I sneak into the BBC sports page. Bloody 5-0.
Internal screaming at work as I sneak into the BBC sports page. Bloody 5-0.

Despite not watching ANY Champions League matches because:

  1. I have work, and I work at night.
  2. The local cable provider had issues with the rights hence not showing any CL match in the Philippines…

I am ABSOLUTELY AMAZED AND IMMENSELY PROUD AND UNBELIEVABLY HAPPY at the current form and performance of FC Bayern Munich.

I hope this winning streak and killer shape will last them enough for another treble #MIASANTRIPLE.

Yes, I am an insatiable fan. I want a triple. Again. Like in 2013. When I “officially” started watching their games. Like, fuck it, I want a treble.

Robert Lewandowski is still on beast mode. Thomas Mueller is a sick, spell binding player (my words are not worthy of his contribution to Bayern and Die Mannschaft). Douglas Costa has been consistent with his showcase of talent. Kingsley Coman is very young and is proving himself as a force to reckon with in the days to come. Of course, we have the remaining squad of mind blowing talents like World Cup winners Mario Goetze, Jerome Boateng, Philipp Lahm and Manuel Neuer (applause!!! Hats off!). We also have the, arguably, best left back in the world by the name David Alaba. The midfield is also a powerhouse with┬áthe likes of Arturo Vidal, Xabi Alonso and Thiago. The bench is also a great source of helping hands (or shall I say helping legs?) — we have Sebastian Rode, Juan Bernat, the young Joshua Kimmich to name some. Wait, there’s more! Mehdi Benatia in defense is still missing in action. I am not sure if Javi Martinez can play his regular minutes lately. The powerhouse duo of Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery (RobBery) is still absent but HELL YEAH CAN YOU IMAGINE??? IF BENATIA, MARTINEZ, ROBBEN AND RIBERY ARE THERE TO PEP’S DISPOSAL? Internal organs explosion!

Take note, Bayern does not have a Messi or a Ronaldo or a Zlatan — it has a team.

Maybe I can go the whole day confessing my love for my club but well my eyes are burning er, some kind of burning, no sleep yet and it was a stressful night for me at work. How can some health providers be so cruel?

Cheers and see you again! Sunday is a BIG match for Bayern. Are you excited?


Photo from the official Facebook fanpage of the best club in the world.


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