F1 2015 Season Wraps Up, Sebastian Vettel finishes at 3rd

Despite the raging urge to sleep midrace, I was able to finish the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last night, the final race of the Formula 1 2015 season. Being a Sebastian Vettel fan through and through, I would pick this season a billion times over the nightmare that was 2014.

Seb lands at 4th place despite starting at 16th. His team mate Kimi Raikkonen lands 3rd behind the mighty Mercedes duo Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton is officially a third time Formula 1 champion with 381; Rosberg a runner up with a total of 322 points and Vettel in third with 278 points.

Of course, the highlight of my season is Seb’s package of three wins — Malaysia, Hungary and Singapore.

Seb in Malaysia
Sebastian Vettel, King of Sepang! Photo from Autosport

I had a shift on weekends in March which barred me from the real world including the Formula 1 world. I was able to know  of Seb’s win in one of our breaks and oh boy did I want to rush home to sort my “post-ables/rebloggables” (though at this time I was without Facebook already).

His two wins are chronicled here on this blog. Hungary here and Singapore here.

Nevertheless, I look forward to the 2016 season. I hope that Ferrari (same goes to McLaren whose season was as shit as shit) could give Mercedes a run for its money. I hope Red Bull Racing can also get back to its element, yup, like the good old Sebby days.

There you go, winter break! Cheers and see you for other F1/Seb Vettel related posts!



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