It’s a…draw in Turin at 2-2

I woke up in the middle of the night for NEIN!

The Old Lady vs The Star of the South — photo from the official fanpage of FC Bayern Munich

Nah, do not get me wrong. Despite a draw, those are still two away goals that could factor in crucially when the match gets to Munich. A draw at 0-0 or 1-1 will be enough for the next round which of course, is not the best scenario to end up with knowing that FC Barcelona is as sick as hell (that MSN though!!!) and is just waiting in the wings to defend her crown.

The rant is about us not having a television yet (we moved and left our ginormous five year old Sharp television in our old house under my brother’s care) and even if we do, I still had to subsist on pathetic livestreaming which I attempted to do that fateful morning (3:30 AM!) to my sheer disappointment.

My friend suggested a link for me to use for UEFA Champions League games which I am really dying to try except for the fact that my laptop is going to crash pretty soon (I can tell!) and I could barely type an essay on MS Word.


I had an early class that day so apparently, I left the match (thanks livefeed/liveblogs!) with a 1-2 score only to see the score tied at 2-2 as soon as I was done showering. See what a shower can do?

Of course, the amazing Thomas Mueller opened the game followed by the splendid Arjen Robben. As for Juve, okay, they scored two goals.

Seriously, let me just blast some UEFA Champions League theme. I need alcohol and bar chow. I miss football so bad I can’t even watch bloody Bundesliga. I smell the decay¬†of my soul.

PS. Congratulations FC Bayern for that 0-2 win on your 116th birthday against Wolfsburg!


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