Bayern vs. Benfica

Guten morgen!!!

Unemployment officially starts now and what a fantastic way to kick start being broke than a UEFA Champions League match pitting Germany’s best versus Portugal’s finest.

Being a football fan in the Philippines is brutal — look at the time of the match. Ain’t complaining though, for the love of game!

Too bad though that I might not be able to watch it later:

  1. Brother is on a night shift this April therefore, he plays his online games as soon as he goes home at 4:00 AM up to God knows when.
  2. Even if he does the playing on our personal computer and I watch the game on my phone, he sure will tweak the connection so that no one can use WiFi as he wants a seamless game.
  3. With that said, how will I even receive updates? I do not even have mobile data at the moment!

I know, I know, too many problems! The lads are playing tonight at the Allianz Arena and who does not want to see it?

Well, I hope my brother casts mercy on me or what if his boss takes them out for “breakfast” after shift so he goes home around 5:30 AM, just in time for Full Time hahahaha!

If the universe will conspire against me later, no worries my Bavarians, I am absolutely with you!

I hope you do not pull a Bayern-Juventus kind of match where everything is a mess up to 72′. I also hope that you guys will learn from last year, Bayern-Porto, crushed at 1-3 in Leg 1 and went for a tremendous kill, 6-1 in Leg 2 (Aggregate: 7-4). No, I do not want this kind of thriller/stress. If we are serious in beating Barcelona we have to be impressive right from the get go.

whispers: I still look forward to a Treble… Difficult but not impossible.


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