FC Bayern Munich Wins First Leg of Quarterfinals, 1-0

Courtesy of a very swift goal, a cross converted by the Chilean Arturo Vidal.

(actually one minute 47 seconds)

I slept at half time because, as mentioned on my previous post, my brother would play his ever loved DOTA. Aside from that I had a huge problem with my stream, the ads never closed that I subsisted on commentaries and legs (I even thought Juan Bernat scored).

The ads covered the whole screen giving only a few spaces thus glimpses on who’s dribbling. I was also not able to hear the anthem (the champioooooons!) because my stream froze! Ugh!

Sorry about the rant, it should be a happy day anyway right?

At least, Benfica was denied an away goal (relief). My friend said that Benfica did a good job on the defense department, at least denying Bayern as well, of their rally, their influx of goals.

Well, it’s still far from over, I hope our boys sustain this lead when the match goes to Portugal.

Bis bald!

PS so tomorrow morning (3:05 AM Manila) is Dortmund vs Liverpool — correct me if I am wrong, Jurgen Klopp returns to Signal Iduna Park to face the team “he created”. The team that reached the UCL Finals in 2013. Wow, how cool can that be? Goosies. And Liverpool. Oh Liverpool. Dortmund and Liverpool, get your asses up, to the Champions League you belong!


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