Thomas “happy dork” Mueller and Co.

Last night, we witnessed an upset, relatively premature and sharp.

It was shocking to say the least.

Some write ups gave me hope but the recent form and run proved otherwise.

Then, last night.

As soon as this season unfolds there were talks and fucking unsolicited analysis of what probably lies ahead, who the victors and losers will be. Yes, as early as the very start.

As a fan of a team rated “second best” this year I kept my mouth shut and my words guarded. These people have been watching football maybe even before I was born, or decades or a decade before I laid my eyes on the sport. These people are paid to give their opinion. What could be my basis, my sound and almost scientific basis for defending my club? Nothing. I just believed, that’s all.

On my list I support teams that were once great as they win one trophy after another. I support a team that elicits jokes from other football fans. Nevertheless, I stay and I will stay because this is football.

It is 90 minutes of heart and passion. I cannot imagine/see myself switching allegiances just because this player tops the scoring sheets or because this player transferred to this team (Bastian Schweinsteiger left Bayern Munich but I loved the club even more). At least in my country, in this specific sport, people are like that (the cult of bandwagon) and it’s very disgusting.

Football is more than a game. It is a way of life. It brings people together, sometimes tear them apart. Nobody lives a very predictable life anyway. One day it’s good, the other it is a total mess, other days are so-so, oh we can never judge how this day will turn out to be just because one did not brush his/her teeth because he or she is running late, correct?

Who could ever imagine that a small club called Leicester City FC is only a heartbeat away from winning their first English Premier League title plus their debut to the Champions League this 2016-2017 season? Ha! Because…football, ladies and gentlemen.

Anyway, what a wonderful result it was, all qualifying teams with three goals each on aggregate. Still sulking Wolfsburg did not make it.

With that said, congratulations to the clubs from Spain, England and of course Germany!


I look forward to the next few weeks before school starts. Die meister, die besten, le grandes equipe…the champions.

Anything, everything can happen. Difficult but not impossible.

Das ist fussball.



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