FC Bayern Munich edges Schalke 04 at the Allianz, 3-0

Another match I was not able to watch.


It was good news though that when I checked my phone voila good news! Three points and zero goals conceited.

According to the good friend, it was a slow start for Bayern but come the second half it was a different story. By the way, I was looking for Benedikt and Klaas-Jan, have you seen them?

Robert Lewandowski pitched two and Arturo Vidal one (oh boy King Arturo is on fire! Four games and three goals!). It was awesome to see Lewy back in the score sheet and oh boy Turo you are on fiiiiire!

I am hoping that Bayern Munich can win something spectacular this season er like a treble.

I hope! I’ve been hoping, right? Since the start of the season. Oh at least I do not claim anything that early you know?

Of course Atletico is not an easy opponent — it is a fierce football club hungry for a title (Hmmm like the Champions League?).

Let us see in the coming days as the Bundesliga is wrapping up in a month’s time too and the DFB Pokal is set I guess a week before the Champions League Finale in San Siro. Whew. Getting anxious lately as these competitions are wrapping up for the summer.

By the way, check this one out!


Waaaahhhhh! FC Bayern’s official fanpage used that photo which I also used on this WordPress post and as a theme on my Gmail account:



It’s really fun to see the happy dork doing some silly dance moves that coincidentally uplift the spirit of the other lads. Go on dork and dance you make me very happy too.



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