Atletico Edges Bayern 1-0 in Madrid

I knew this was going to happen.


The 21-year-old Spaniard Saul Niguez brought the house down with that beautiful goal on the 11th minute then Atletico simply parked the bus and it’s done.

I actually do not want to write anymore, I’ve been so exhausted thinking about this match the whole day yesterday and as soon as the game ended I turned off the computer and laid in bed and failed to fall asleep. Restless, I know.

Let me reiterate: I knew this was going to happen. Bayern enjoying the possession (did they end at 71% last night?) and Atletico on a hurry to gain the upper hand (who does not want an upper hand?). You know what? I am thankful for 1-0 anyhow. Could be worse. Of course Atletico wanted to crush the mighty reds. Could be 2-0 from Griezmann, 3-0 from the resurrecting Torres. Thank God Grizi’s was blocked by Manu (with his leg!) and Torres’ shot hit the bar. I had mini heart attacks there.

Bayern saw a glimmer of hope in the second half, at least the shots now reached the able hands of Jan Oblak, Atletico’s goalkeeper. David Alaba had a great strike from 20 yards (could have brought the house doooown!), Arturo Vidal had a missed chance in the dying seconds of the match so as a failed header from Mehdi Benatia. Damn that ordeal of not even getting the ball even at the tip of the penalty area. Did we just get up against such an impenetrable wall or a bus that is perhaps bigger than Chelsea’s?  I found an article from Fox Sports, a comparison of the two minds clashing and for a fan like me who is not really technical about the sport, this helped me create a pre-match picture in my head.

One puzzling move from our beloved manager though: Why was Thomas benched for 70 minutes? I still did not get it, nobody did I guess. Who benches a prolific scorer? One who attracts the ball? Someone who knows where to position himself and convert blank spaces to goal opportunities? Who sits the Queen in the game of chess, future World Cup top scorer, true blue Bavarian?


On Tuesday, Bayern hosts Atletico at the Allianz Arena, red fortress of Bavaria. I am hoping for the best. As much as I want to imagine a thrashing here (like a 5-1 victory maybe?) remember what happened in 2014. Bayern left Bernabeu at 1-0 only to be slammed by a 0-3 win by…drum roll… Real Madrid. Another Madrid. Same circumstance, the UEFA Champions League semi-finals. In addition, remember there is also a huge event coming this June — the Euro Cup! Two years ago was, of course the World Cup. And no, I do not like a deja vu, that kind of deja vu.

Great job though to Diego Simeone and Company! You sure gave us a difficult time.

Bayern have many options, but in battles, the side with most soldiers does not win but those who uses their soldiers better.- Diego Simeone

Take that Pep Guardiola!


PS For someone who said she does not want to write this post anymore this is quite lengthy huh?


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