Sebastian Vettel out of the Russian Grand Prix

Right off the first lap.

I can read through Seb’s mind: Fucking collision! Fuck fuck fuck! Credit go to Tumblr user TeandKimi

Got this GIF from Tumblr hotshot TeandKimi. Oh, that smirk though.

Everytime Seb gets agitated I can’t help but feel scared. Well, maybe because he has a bubbly personality so if he’s pissed off he really is and no one messes with a Cancer who has polarizing moods (I should know!).

I have not watched F1 since bloody Lewis Hamilton won his third title last year. I missed out on Australia, Bahrain and China (did I mention everything?) so last night, I longed for Formula 1 so badly (and Seb did well here last year, remember that infamous wingmanning he did for Hamilton?) that I decided to live stream the race only to see my one true great love out at Lap One. I did not waste my energy looking for a decent stream for that. Imagine how pissed I was too!

Last week he had a short “discussion” with Daniil Kvyat (Red Bull Racing) about an almost collision (?). I remember Daniil’s words “you’re in the podium, I am in the podium, what’s the problem” or something to this effect — now, neither of them finished with points.

Well, you may listen to this team radio post. Expletives? Check. More expletives? Check check.

I wish for better races for Seb. This season is the longest in F1 history (21 races) so plenty of chances for wins. I hope for a World Championship for him in that Ferrari suit. I do, I really do.



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