Deutsch Tag: Bavarian lunch + Cine Europa

Credits to the amazing Love L. From L to R: Myself, my cousin Eunice and Love.

Deutsch for a day! Enjoyed a Bavarian lunch of sumptuous pork knuckle, chicken schnitzel, sausages, rice pilaf, potato salad, spaetzle*, apple strudel (not in photo) and flavored beer. Except for the chook schnitzel that is a bit flour-y (batter galore!), everything else is fantastic! Will definitely be back! This time, I will make sure to add sauerkraut.

After that, we went to the cinema to watch “Beloved Sisters“. Herr Schiller for the win! We almost won a friend there too by the way, too bad it was time for the screening (he is an Italian-Swiss guy with his Filipino wife whose attention we caught because we were talking about…Fernando Torres! HAHAHA).

*according to the German friend/client, spaetzle is 100% Swabian (well, he just wants me to know).




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