Real Madrid beats FC Bayern Munich 2-1 at the Allianz Arena (and some key takeaways from last night’s live viewing)

What an evening.

Not the result we hoped for and with that, too much work to do in Santiago Bernabeu. Photo credit here.

Last night’s live viewing was the craziest of the several others we have had at Team Insider’s Bar in Makati. As usual I was with my friend and Mia San Manila co-founder Love. It is also the first time since the 2014 Champions League semifinals against Real Madrid that Bayern loses at the Allianz Arena. To add, last night was the first time that our Team Insider’s Bar record was tarnished by that painful loss (down two goals baby!).

Here are some takeaways from last night’s experience.

Annoying behavior from some fans. Sorry to start off a bit negatively but this is my blog tonight was home to many “firsts” in my Mia San Manila life and being in the same space, breathing the same air as three rowdy Madrid fans was one of that. This group was composed of a guy and two girls who cursed Bayern and Real players too (if their players lose the ball or misfired a shot) which I really feel sorry for. Whilst I understand that probably they were carried away by the situation, well it was not my (and Love’s) cup of tea bashing every single individual on the TV screen. Think of that spoiler loving friend you accidentally tagged along at a movie house (obnoxious!). I lost count at the times that I rolled my eyes on them. It’s not helping that their team is winning, it’s not helping either that they had a lot to say about the match I have been dying to see since the draw (I could barely hear the commentary). I wish they could have just shut up especially that girl with a forced American English.

Resting bitch face is a friend. With the inconsiderate amount of noise and trash talking, I resorted to turning on my resting bitch face. It comes in handy everytime I am placed in a situation that tests by politeness or the absence thereof.

Team Insider’s Bar is really the bomb. Atmosphere is great, staff is courteous and attentive, food is spectacular. As a seemingly second home, Mia San Manila gave the branch a sticker as appreciation.

With handwritten notes.
Sharing the wall with Arsenal Philippines. Yup, what a fixture even in a sports bar wall!

It could have been WORST! Bayern was down to 10 men after Javi Martinez was sent off on the 67th minute (if I am not mistaken). It was a close call when it came to possession at 51% to 49% in favor of the Madridistas. Bayern only conceded two goals. Real could have finished us off right then and there. Looking at things in this light, Bayern fans should be somehow thankful of the results. Again, could have been worst.

The Bayern squad was invisible in the second half.  Thomas was nowhere to be found. Vidal seemed to lost touch after that horrendous penalty kick. Real’s pace was too much for Javi hence those bookings. RobBery seems too old for the UCL. Enough said.

If I were Don Carlo I would brainwash Bayern so hard. “You’re not that same team that succumbed to Real three years ago! Redeem yourselves!!!” (repeat until Bayern turned into monsters).

Manuel Neuer is not mortal. According to a tweet I read earlier, Real Madrid fired 12 shots but only two were conceded. In a second half like that where all spirits evaporated in thin air, Manu was the only entity that deserved to wear that Bayern shirt. He proved that he is THE WALL — the world’s best goalkeeper. Indulge in this delicious one hand save from a close range Cristiano Ronaldo shot.

Credits here.

According to Don Carlo, the chances may be few next week but they got to do what they had to do and that is to come back stronger.

Gosh, another torment I mean, another week to look forward to!


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