Her name is C, a Filipina (born in Manila), who wants to go to Germany.

She is a civil servant and Social Studies teacher by profession who found her path in Philippine workforce through the hospitality, payroll, telecommunications and health insurance industries, nowhere near where she wanted to be. Just when she thought she would rot in corporate world hell, salvation came and voila.

Taken days before the 2014 World Cup

Welcome to the academe (her “Pia Wurtzbach moment”).

Going back… 

She created this blog to be her inspiration and constant reminder that she FINALLY wants to make it happen — to set foot on her version of Mecca: GERMANY.

The target date is 2020. If she can do it sooner, the better!


FC Hollywood all the way!

Honestly, she just does not know how and where to start and how much does she need so whatever helpful articles she finds that has to do with Filipino backpacking tips to Germany will be deposited under the “Tips” page (hence the existence of that dormant page).

This is a friend’s idea, this #GERMANY2020 thing (see FAQ) but with the sudden turn of events from corporate world slacker to becoming a teacher (slash guidance counselor slash admin assistant slash entertainer slash student of life)…well…(shakes head) (throws a puzzled and frustrated look at her bank account) (sighs)…

What the hell, just enjoy reading guys!




5 thoughts on “ABOUT

      1. Seryoso? Di bale kaunti na lang and you will see the light! I mean, the cheque! Nasa house ako e nursing a headache since 9 AM (nag Advil na ako ha? Maybe it’s because of the init?).

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