Why Germany?

It started when I was a little girl, when a local TV channel showed an ad/teaser/commercial of its up and coming documentary about Germany. Would you believe that the turning point er, the feature I saw was about a German prison cell? I know, it was absurd… Nine year old. Germany. Jail. Amazed.


In a country so heavily influenced by the United States, it was refreshing for a nine year old to see a different country being featured on local TV. The Germans gave resilience a face. The Germans made science, philosophy and the arts a trio to reckon with, with the likes of Albert Einstein, Karl Marx, Ludwig van Beethoven to name a very few; oh well and of course, who could resist that very warm, respectful, soft spoken, hard working, tall and blond bloke? No girl could. Since then I knew that my love affair with Germany is forever. Yes, may forever (yes there is forever).

What should I expect with this blog?

All things and thoughts German! Pictures and texts at that specifically Formula 1 (supporting mein liebe Sebastian Vettel), FC Bayern Munich, the German National Football Team (Die Mannschaft) , food, quotes, places, events, actors/actresses, films, among others.

Please do not be surprised if this blog turns to a sports page when I pour my heart on giving my race and/or football thoughts.

Whaattttt? Sebastian Vettel?!!! 

*cues On My Own* I love him.


Buyern Moneych, Trashcan full of money in the South, Bayernliga yeah right. My love for my club is greater than all your disdain (combined and multiplied!).

Seriously, why Vettel and why Bayern?

Please check the special page I created to answer that eternal question why: HERE

Why only plan to go to Germany now?

Priorities, circumstances, basically it’s just about the timing. A friend encouraged me to dream again, to dream so big it starts to scare, worry and excite me all at the same time.

Timing is everything and for me, now is the time to prepare and to constantly remind myself that I have waited patiently to go for it. I may not be able to go for #GERMANY2020 but hey I’d still blog anyway. Ha!


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