I love Sebastian Vettel and FC Bayern Munich so much this entry deserves to be not just a blog post but a page!

Mein liebe Sebastian. My love for four time Formula 1 Champion goes way back 2009 when I first started watching F1 by chance. I was switching channels and there was a race going on and with this intense love for Deutschland, I automatically looked for a German driver. I should be able to find one I thought since Michael Schumacher is German.

Then the commentators kept on mentioning this name. Vettel? It’s Vettel right? And did they also say “the young German”?

Look, look look…oh, there you go…VET…

It took me almost 24 hours to look him up online (my life is hopeless!), have read a bit about him (e.g. date of birth July 3rd 1987, parents are Norbert and Heike, siblings are Melanie, Stefanie and Fabian, he was born in Heppenheim, Germany, been with the Red Bull Junior Team, F1 debut was in Indianapolis in 2007, first win was on August 2008 in Monza and the youngest Grand Prix winner ever, promoted as Red Bull Racing driver after David Coulthard’s retirement).

I printed some photos of Sebastian Vettel to share at work for an activity. Spread the #Deutschlove
I printed some photos of Sebastian Vettel to share at work for an activity. Spread the #Deutschlove

To cut all the craziness short, it was love at first race. Very professional, hands on, disciplined and he knows how to laugh and be funny!

Regarding his style, I have this thing for drivers who can sustain a lead. If you need to catch up on someone the pressure is just to catch up/attack but if you are the one being chased, you are pressured on how you can endure and what if someone catches up, how will you defend? And you know it always is harder to be on the defensive side.

It does not mean that Seb cannot place or finish decently when behind the pack but what I am saying is that, once Seb has the lead he is close to invincibility. And I like that.

Seb is really ahead of his time, a true example of child prodigy turned sport great.

He will hold a number of records that may take decades to be broken.

Mia San Mia! I just want to go to Munich, Bavaria. That is one thing for sure. When I started following FC Bayern Munich late 2012 (just because Munich is looooove) I did not know that the club has a chance at winning a treble. The first German treble at that! I did not even know that this is a big club!

I love the color (in fact, I dedicate Taylor Swift’s song “Red” to FC Bayern), I love the stadium (the Allianz Arena makes up in technology and beauty what it lacks in history), I love the fans/supporters (niemals aufgeben), I love the style of play (long passes, fast-paced, attacking football!), how it is well-managed and continuously profiting at that (you may check this article) and the squad of course! Several Bayern Munich players were called up for the 2014 World Cup, most have played in the Starting XI (Boateng, Mueller, Kroos (who completed his Real Madrid transfer after the World Cup) then Die Mannschaft Captain and Vice-Captain Lahm and Schweinsteiger). Of course, Deutschland #1 is Golden Glove winner sweeper-keeper Manuel Neuer also known as Super Manu. The super delicious frosting on the cake is the winning goal coming from baby Mario Goetze!

By the way, I am sharing some of the autographs I have requested all the way from Munich.

2012-2013 season
2012-2013 season

The website says that it takes as long as six months before you receive the request. If you asked for printed signature cards you will receive yours in one to two months only, at least for my experience.

2013-2014 season
2013-2014 season

One autograph card per player, per fan, per season is what FC Bayern Munich can give – trust me, I live on the other side of the planet, the marketing team (or whoever runs the dispatch of autographs) of FCB is very effective!  I sent autograph requests to FC Barcelona and Chelsea FC two years ago and to AFC Ajax two months ago and have not received anything yet?

2014-2015 season
2014-2015 season

I send all signed autograph requests by post…and only by post! I really exert time and effort to write and go to the Post Office to mail them.

Send some love!
Send some love!

For me, all is fair in love and in SeBayern.



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